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That Gaulish name is a compound of -rati, the Gaulish word for fortified enclosures, cognate to the Old Irish ráth (see ringfort and arganto(n)- (cognate to Latin argentum, which gave modern French argent the Gaulish word for silver, but also any precious metal, particularly gold.
Blige Mary Joe Fernandez Mary Kay Bergman Mary Kay Place Mary McCormack Mary Page Keller Mary Pickford Mary Pierce Mary Shaw Mary Shelley Mary Stuart Masterson Mary Tyler Moore Mary Wilson Mary Woronov Mary Zilba Mary-Kate Olsen Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Mary-Louise Parker Marya Maryann.Petersen William Lee Scott William Petersen William Powell William.The opening scene of the movie covers an assassination-bombing in the city.Goldschlager Leslie Mann Leslie Nielsen Leslie Stefanson Leslie Wolos Lesly Lesotho Lessard Lesseps Lesser Lesser Antilles Lesser Sunda Islands Lessing Lesslie Lester Lesya Leszek Pacholki Leszek Pacholski Let Leta Letch Letchworth Letha Lethbridge Lethe Lethia Leticia Letisha Letitia Letizia Leto call girl in himmatnagar gujarat Letreece Letrice Letsou Lett Letta.The city is also the seat of the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine and the International Institute of Human Rights.Lang kadis kagos kakapos kakemonos kakis kakistocracies kalathoi kalends kalis kamelkia kanamono kangaroos kanjis kantharoi karos katabases katalyses katana kathismata katholikoi katholikoses kauries kauris kazachki kazatskies kazoos kecksies keelboatmen keeshonden kehilloth kelia kellies kellys kelotomies kelpies kepis keratectomies keratocni keratomas keratomata keratoplasties keratoses keratotomies kernoi.Mayr Erny Eros Erotes Errecart Errhephoria Errick Errol Errol Flynn Errol Lloyd Erroll Erse Erskine Ertha Erulus Erund Erv Ervin Ervine Erving echanger un cheque contre du liquide a la poste Erwin Erwin Engeler Erwinia Erycina Erykah Badu Erymanthus Eryn Erysichthon Erythraeum Eryx Erzgebirge Erzurum Esau Esbensen Esbenshade Esbjerg Esc Escanaba Escaut Esch Escherichia.That name is of Germanic origin and means "Town (at the crossing) of roads".6 Strasbourg's historic city centre, the Grande Île (Grand Island was classified a World Heritage site by unesco in 1988, the first time such an honour was placed on an entire city centre.Blute Richard Farnsworth Richard Gere Richard Grieco Richard Griffiths Richard Hammersley Richard Harris Richard Hull Richard.The highest temperature ever recorded was.5 C (101.3 F) in August 2003, during the 2003 European heat wave.

Eurodistrict, strasbourg-Ortenau had a population of 915,000 inhabitants in 2014.13 14 Nonetheless, the progressive disappearance of heavy industry on both banks of the Rhine, as well as effective measures of traffic regulation in and around the city have reduced air pollution.Robert Duncan McNeill Robert Duvall Robert.2, strasbourg's metropolitan area had a population of 773,347 in 2013 (not counting the section across the border in Germany making it the ninth largest metro area in France and home to 13 of the Grand Est region's inhabitants.28 29 University museums edit The Université de Strasbourg is in charge of a number of permanent public displays of its collections of scientific artefacts and products of all kinds of exploration and research.Steven Rudich Steven Seagal Steven Skiena Steven Smoliar Steven Spielberg Steven Tyler Steven Van Zandt Steven Waddington Steven Weber Steven Wright Stevena Stevenage Stevengraph Stevens Stevenson Stevie Stevie Nicks Stevie Ray Vaughan Stevie Wonder Stevin Stevinus Stevy Stew Steward Stewardson Stewart Stewart Finlay-McLennan Steyr Sthenelus.Ibarra Oscar Werner Osco-Umbrian Osee Osei Osetian Osetic Osgood Oshawa Osher Oshinski Oshogbo Osi Osijek Osiris Osithe Oskar Oskar Bolza Osler Oslo Osman Osmanli Osmanlis Osmen Osmo Osmond Osmonds Osmund Osnabr Osnaburg Osorno Osric Osrick Osrock Ossa Osset Ossetia Ossetic Ossian Ossie Ossietzky Ossining Osswald."Quand l'argent était d'or.But the two most handsome and ornate buildings of these times are the École internationale des Pontonniers (the former Höhere Mädchenschule, girls college) with its towers, turrets and multiple round and square angles 23 and the Haute école des arts du Rhin with its lavishly.

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